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Residential Window Cleaning


Our domestic cleaning services are based on integrity and attention to detail, when we clean your windows we also clean your window frames at no extra charge. Using the water fed pole system means we can work safely from ground level whilst still being able to effectively clean those hard to reach windows up to the height of 65 feet, this includes town houses, flats, apartments and conservatory roofs, skylights and roof windows, in fact, anywhere that our poles can reach and wash, can be cleaned.


We will also clean your window frames at the same time at NO EXTRA COST. We will also send you a text the day before your clean to remind you that we are coming so that you can leave back gates unlocked if you are not going to be home.


Using the Water Pole Fed System enables us to clean upstairs windows from the ground, providing you with greater privacy as there will be no more climbing up to bedrooms windows on a ladder.

Commercial Window Cleaning


We are the south-east's leading commercial window cleaning contractors.  Specialising in high access window cleaning with a dedicated team of window cleaners specially trained in the use of high reach water fed poles and cherry pickers.


Along with windows, we can also clean the buildings signage, canopies, UPVC panelling, cladding, fascias and atriums.


Areas that we cover: -


Kent - London - Sussex

Essex - East Sussex



8 good reasons to have a New View at the way your windows are to be cleaned:

  1. Your windows will stay cleaner longer
  2. We clean your frame at the same time at no extra cost
  3. Added privacy with no more ladders at your bedroom windows
  4. Clean conservatory roofs from ground level
  5. Reaches previously inaccessible windows such as flats and town houses
  6. No damage to the customers property or lawns from ladders
  7. Environmentally friendly - only pure water only is used, eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals
  8. On average it may cost less then the old way of window cleaning