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Traditional Window Cleaning Methods




The Latest Water Fed Pole System


The old way of cleaning windows is normally undertaken by a person using detergents mixed with water then applied to the window or glass using a sheep skin applicator, they then remove the dirt and water using a squeegee. This is fine but the problem with the old method that it leaves a residue of sticky detergent on the glass which attracts dirt.


As you are aware, the windows will look ok for the first few days but then they will start to look dirty from then on as deposits become stuck on the residue left behind from the detergents.


The disadvantage of using ladders to gain access, not only are ladders unsafe you also have the problem of possible damage to property such as to the window cills, walls and tiles, but also the possibility of big holes in your lawns and flower beds etc. Not to mention the health and safety aspect.



The Pure Water Fed Way Of Cleaning Windows


This is undertaken by a person working from the safety of ground level as no ladders are required, using water fed pole with a break like attachment. 100% pure water is then feed up the Water Fed Pole System directly onto the window and window frame, a height in excess of 65 feet can be reached. As no chemical or detergents are used there is no sticky residue left behind meaning the windows stay cleaner longer.


How Does It Work?


Water fed pole cleaning is the very latest in window cleaning technology. It is 5 stage water filtration treatment system turns ordinary tap water in to 100% pure laboratory graded water, which when applied to glass will leave it sparkling clean every time.


The treatment process utilises reverse osmosis and bed de-mineralising resin to produce pure water. The nature of de-mineralised water is to strive to return to its natural state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals.


Pure water dries to a flawless finish and as the window is left sterile with residue for dirt particles to adhere too. The problems associated with a soapy residue that traditional window cleaning methods left behind, can now, with the Pure Water Pole Fed Cleaning System, become a thing of the past.


This process is completely environmentally friendly, and uses no chemicals or detergents.


Your windows are in fact not just clean, they are sterile and will stay cleaner for longer.